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Used & Reconditioned Pultrusion Equipment

From time to time MPG is able to acquire equipment from companies that are replacing old lines, divesting from the technology, or that have gone out of business. We perform any necessary maintenance or rebuild activities, which can range from basic clean-up and maintenance, to replacing old bearings and pumps, to a complete strip-down and overhaul of the equipment. The equipment is returned to a production worthy state and provided with the same warranty as new Durapul equipment.

If you have equipment to sell, please give us a call.

pultrusion machine
  • (9) 90 package creels
  • (1) 200 package creel
  • (1) 160 package creels
  • (2) New 100 package pass-thru roving creels

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90 Package Roving Creels

13 available

Well used condition.

Offered at $1,200 ea., as is, $1,500 repainted.
FOB factory.

200 Package Roving Creel

1 available

Manufactured by MPG, lightly used before taken out of service.

  • Ceramic guide eyes
  • Wheels
  • Tension bars

$8,000, as is, FOB factory.

100 Package Pass-Thru Roving Creels

2 available

Manufactured by MPG, new and never used. Pass-through configuration means a second 100 package creel can be placed behind this one and the roving strung directly through.

  • Ceramic guide eyes
  • Wheels
  • Tension bars

$6,000, FOB factory.