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Pultrusion Training

A common misconception is that pultrusion technology comes with the machine. Technology comes from training and experience. Martin Pultrusion can provide the foundational training necessary to jump start your operation and set your team on the path toward experience and success.

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pultrusion training

MPG has found that the best process training program includes the following:

  • Have your personnel experience hands-on processing in an established processing facility.
  • Bring your personnel to MPG’s pultrusion process technology laboratory to run your product and learn its specific processing characteristics.
  • MPG installs your machine in your facility and stays to begin training the balance of your pultrusion manufacturing workforce.



MPG hosts an annual seminar program which brings together some of the industry’s most talented and experienced professionals. Keep pace with evolving processing technologies. Learn about exciting new materials & enhancing technologies in the fast paced pultrusion industry.

Ask about a private seminar in your own facility!