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Pultrusion Machines

Built for the most demanding 24/7 production environments.

pultrusion machines

After more than 35 years of machine engineering, PLC innovation and continued power improvements we’ve earned our reputation as the world market leader of pultrusion machines and pultrusion processing technology. MPG has a wide range of experience building equipment for many different pultrusion operations. Select one of our standard lines or have us quote a fully custom pultrusion machine built for your specific needs.

We’ve installed over 280 pultrusion machines in 31 different countries worldwide and helped over 100 companies start their own captive operations. Give MPG a chance to bring success to your next pultrusion project.

View some of the features that make Durapul the most sought after name in pultrusion:

1200medium size production machines12″ x 3-8″
305mm x 100-152mm
12,000 lbs.
5,450 kg
2400designed for large structural profiles24″ x 4-12″
610mm x 152-305mm
24,000 lbs.
10,900 kg
3600ideal for multiple cavity profiles36″ x 4-12″
914mm x 254mm
30,000 lbs.
13,635 kg
5000very large, high volume production machines50″ x 4-12″
1270mm x 305mm
40,000 lbs.
18,000 kg
CUSTOM Martin Pultrusion can quote just about any custom pultrusion configuration imaginable.