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Development Services & Capabilities

MPG maintains an on-site processing laboratory and production facility aimed at enhancing the development programs of customers, end users, raw material suppliers and universities. Our goal is to grow the marketplace by providing a pultrusion development program which helps our clients jump-start their production efforts.

MPG can assist you in every aspect of composite design, prototyping, training, development and technology transfer. Take advantage of our experience and facilities to bring success to your next project.

pultrusion technology
Process Introduction & Orientation
Production line layout, raw materials, process variables, machine operation, safety and maintenance. Learn the fundamentals involved in traditional pultrusion processing from an MPG processing specialist.
Product Design Assistance
Let MPG’s experience in product design assist your company in translating your end-use properties into a proper pultrusion product design. Chances are, we have experience with the profile you are developing, or something very similar, so we can likely get you on the right track quickly. And, if we don’t know the answer, we certainly know the people who do. Our network of industry professionals and design engineers consists of the top people in their fields.
Composite Material Design
With over 40 years of experience in composite materials design and interaction with raw material suppliers, MPG can assist you in selecting the materials most able to meet your end use requirements.
The tooling requirements for the pultrusion process can make prototyping efforts difficult. Tooling must be of a certainly quality to facilitate the internal die pressures, process and exothermic heats, harsh chemicals and abrasive materials used in the process. We often get asked if we can make an “inexpensive” die instead of a production worthy die for the purposes of R&D or for producing just a few sample parts. The answer is typically no, but there are a number of other approaches we can take on a prototyping effort.
  • MPG engineers have experience designing tooling that can be adjusted as the project advances.
  • MPG has a range of in-house tooling that can be used or modified to determine certain mechanical properties or establish shrinkage rates.
  • MPG’s network of resources includes access to some of the most advanced pultrusion FEA databases which can be used to model your profile.
  • 3D printing can rapid prototype any profile, but can also be used for quick forming guides.
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Process Development
Let MPG’s extensive processing experience assist your firm in optimizing your process through the inclusion of process enhancements like: constant velocity forming systems, thermal optimization with heat pipe technology, RF preheating and resin injection systems.
Raw Material Evaluations
Use MPG’s experience and our in-house Durapul machine to test your new materials prior to market introduction.
Process Training
MPG’s vast experience in processing can assist new customers with the training of your personnel, initially at our facility with your tooling, or after installation in your facility.