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Polyurethane Pultrusion Processing

MPG has been a leader in the commercialization of pure polyurethane resins in the pultrusion market. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop the technologies necessary to process PU resins across a broad spectrum of geometries and reinforcements. Our direct experience includes projects incorporating carbon fiber, glass, aramid and basalt reinforcements in applications ranging from complex shapes and heavy wall structural shapes, to thin wall hollows, and all-roving profiles.

pultrusion technology

The setup of a polyurethane pultrusion system includes the addition of a two-part metering unit, an injection chamber, additional heat zones and cooling zones. The entire system is “closed” which shields the polyurethane from exposure to air and moisture.

MPG has two versions of injection technology.

  • Low Pressure – used for simple, all-roving shapes, basic shapes with limited mat forming requirements, light production and R&D.
  • High Pressure – used for heavy wall structural shapes, complex shapes and high volume production.

Hybrid PU systems, which can process in a traditional pultrusion setup, are available but generally cost more and don’t have the same properties of a pure PU system.

Recent polyurethane pultrusion projects include:

  • Seawall system
  • Sports handles
  • Window lineals
  • Tool handles
  • Ladder rail
  • Modular home components
  • Rebar
  • Rail tie extensions
  • Sucker rods
  • Strut