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Durapul Fiberglass Mat Slitters are designed for ease of use and automatic, hands-off operation. The PLC touch screen provides an easy to use interface which allows the operator to program more than 30 automatic cut lengths. Once the slitter is initiated the operator can walk away and return once the cycle is complete. The slitter can also be equipped with a handheld control for manual operation.

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Durapul Mat Slitter Features
  • Programmable for 30+ positions
  • Load and save cut recipes
  • Automatic cutting action frees up operator
  • Manual operation setting
  • Custom sizes available

Durapul slitters are fully automatic, CSM cutting systems. Once the material is loaded the operator can load a cut recipe, or enter in custom cut widths, start the Auto Cycle and walk away.

Optional Slitter Features
  • Multi-diameter core cutting. Cut 3″ or 4″ cores with the same mandrel
  • Mat lift table for loading and unloading
  • Automatic plastic wrapping
  • Blade guard system
  • Handheld remote for manual operation
  • MULEā„¢ loading and offloading system
  • Safety enclosures
Slitter Controls
  • HMI Touchscreen
  • Pushbutton Start/Stop, Roll Speed
  • E-Stop