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Medium Size Production Machines

The Durapul 1200 Series pultrusion machine is designed to offer a range of capabilities in a compact, affordable configuration. From lab work with the 1204 to structural profiles with the 1206. The 1200 series is popular worldwide in the complex shape fenestration market and is also ideally suited for multiple cavity small rod production or delicate shapes. An upgraded 1208 is also available for heavy wall, heavy pull profiles.

pultrusion machines

1200 Series12041206
Production Envelope (W x H)12 x 4
(305 x 100)
12 x 6
(305 x 152)
Pull Capacity
12,000 lbs (5,450 kg)12,000 lbs (5,450 kg)
Gripper Length
20″ (508mm)20″ (508mm)
Die Station Capacity
1,500 lb1,500 lb
Speed Range
120 ipm / 3 M/min120 ipm / 3 M/min
Heat Zones
Watts / Zone
ControlsB&R, A-B*, Eaton, ADB&R, A-B*, Eaton, AD
InterfaceTouch screenTouch screen
Saw Blade Diameter
(**international voltages available)
Air Requirement
5 cfm @ 80 psi5 cfm @ 80 psi

The Durapul 1204 is capable of producing many of the standard profiles currently being produced by pultruders. The 1204, with a 12″ x 4″ (305mm x 100mm) production envelope, has double the pulling power of the 1203 and offers higher production speed.

The Durapul 1206 has 50% more product height than the 1204 and is capable of producing large structural composites. Its larger clamp area permits it to pull thin wall profiles or, with high system pressure, heavy wall structural shapes.