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pultrusion equipment
Durapul die stations come standard with non-eccentric tube die mounts which reduce thermal drain and also allow for independent front to back height adjustments.
The introduction of multi-axis die stations by Martin Pultrusion has proven to be one of the most beneficial advancements in pultrusion technology over the past two decades. The ability for an operator to mechanically offset material induced warps and bows by simply changing the axis of the die during processing has proven to dramatically reduce scrap rates, improve up-time and better maintain the structural integrity of profiles. Multi-axis die stations are used extensively throughout the fenestration market with proven economic success.
Heat Controls
Heated Die Stations can be built to supply anywhere from 1 to as many as 30 heat zones. Each station is equipped with a PLC touch screen which is programmed to control each zone independent of the pultrusion machine.
This piece of equipment is an economical way for pultruders to upgrade to more efficient plate heaters.