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Circumferential Winding, sometimes referred to as pulwinding or circ-winding, is an in-line technology which allows pultruders to add reinforcement to their profile along a transverse wind angle. This technology improves the strength of the profile in several ways, including transverse, hoop, torsion, and many others.

pultrusion equipment

Durapul Circumferential Winders are built with two independent winding hubs. Each hub is controlled by an independent motor giving the operator ultimate functionality. The hubs can rotate together in the same direction, counter-rotate in different directions, and can be run at the same speed or separate speeds. A programmed machine interface controls the winder when the operator makes changes to machine speed, pauses, stops, etc.

Winder Features

  • Programmed machine interface or stand alone operation
  • Automatic operation, follows machine speed changes
  • Counter rotation, single rotation, independent speeds
  • Safety guard system
  • Tension control system
  • Custom sizes available